Friday, January 17, 2014

Still here!

Hi, my primitive friends.  No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, I have been so busy and I cannot believe it is 2014.  Happy New Year to you all. 
I have been very busy with orders even though I have been such a bad blogger.  I have been stitching, weaving, pouring wax, covering boxes and mostly trying to keep up with all of this snow.  We have set many records this year for snowfall already.  In December we had double the amount of snow than recorded in many years.
Just thought I would share a few pictures of what I've been doing.  I also have high hopes of designing at least 3 samplers this year.  I have already sketched them out and one of them was a design I stitched last year but just didn't get made into a pattern.  Here are 3 sets of boxes I covered and distressed recently but they have all sold.
I do have two Valentine samplers available if you might be interested.  Just email me at
This snowman on an antique funnel is also available.
I am currently working on many spring cross stitch pieces and will be adding them to my selling blog as I complete them.  I am also doing quite a bit of punch needle recently. I did several pieces this past fall and Christmas. 
I hope to start blogging again at least once a week as well as posting items on my selling blog.  I am still selling the 15th of the month on Early Work Mercantile. 
My husband had knee surgery the beginning of December and just returned to work on Tuesday.  It was so awesome to have him home through the holidays.  I am looking forward to his retirement which is at least 3 years away yet.  We are expecting another grandchild in August which we are beyond excited about.  Kohen and Liam are in school now, Kohen in preschool and Liam in kindergarten.  They love it so far and are doing well.   
I have missed my blogging buds and I promise I will do better.  I have several wonderful spring molds for my beeswax and plan on pouring next month. 
I preserved tons of sweet annie and dried lavender from our garden last summer so I will be offering several of these sweet baskets.  I also plan to offer the other items pictured.

I have a nice supply of beeswax which I scent and dye black that I bought from a local beekeeper.  I am also back to working in my shop on baskets a few hours a day.  I am so thankful the orders keep coming in, no thanks to myself as I have not done much to promote my wares.  We have a few plans to do a little remodeling this year as well.  Nothing major, some new flooring and some painting.  After Simon retires I have bigger plans though I don't think he is aware of that yet.
thanks for stopping by.  I have truly missed you all.  I wish you good health, happiness, peace and many blessings this year.
til next time,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March update on EWM

Hi, friends!  Our snow just started to dissipate when we received another half of a foot yesterday.  Oh, do I ever have cabin fever this year!  I think some of our banks where we have plowed will last until the 4th of July. 
Just wanted to let you know I have updated my page on Early Work Mercantile.  I have 2 samplers, a covered box with pinkeeps and a small shaker cheese basket with a stitched egg listed this month.  I did a fun sampler named Bessie Polk that was inspired by Pineberrylane's newest design "This Have I Done".  I used the little gal from her sampler with permission.  I couldn't sleep one night and came up with the short verse " I don't like stitchin' but it's better than a switchin'.  Most small girls in days of yore were taught to stitch at a very young age.  Poor Bessie didn't like it and it shows by "Not my best work".  Too fun.
I have completed one of the full samplers from Pineberry's wonderful design which can be found on Patternmart or her website.  Two more to go, actually three more as I must stitch one for myself. 
thanks for stopping by, I'll be back soon with more pictures.  Merry Spring to all
til next time ~

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm still here, just busy

Hi, long lost friends!  Did you think I was gone forever.  No, just buried in snow up to our necks, lol.  We have had a very severe winter here in northern Michigan so far.  March came in like a lamb so I'm not sure what to expect the rest of the month.  It has been sunny the last couple of days but very cold.  7 degrees this morning.  We have had snowstorm after storm and we are literally running out of room to push it with the plow.  Our long driveway keeps getting narrower.
I have been inside stitching and stitching.  I have made a few baskets for orders and still have a few orders to get sent off. 
I am excited about all of the new goods from the Nashville Market.  I  had to replace my laptop, the hard drive on my old one was fried after only 3 years.  I got another laptop, windows 8 with tons of storage.  So far I like it very well.  I just got a new wireless printer today but haven't taken it out of the box yet.  Also for Christmas I was so lucky to get an Ipad.  What a wonderful gadget. 
I just thought I would share a few pictures of some finishes.

Anne Wilson is a new design by Tina Woltman and Emma Wheeley is from Jenny Hoffman.  Lydia Broome is a favorite from Pineberrylane.
On Thy Heart and on Thy Hand is a new design by Wendy of Pineberrylane.
I recently purchased some new goods from Alecia Maynard but forgot to take pics of all of them.  These wonderful linsey Woolsey pinkeeps are perfect.
I moved some furniture around the living room, did a little tweaking here and there. I have even gotten as far as getting my primer out to start painting our bedroom.  I hope to start that project soon.
I purchased this fabulous original Netty angel from a very dear and special friend.  I love her, sorry for the blurry picture.  You may click on the pictures to make them larger.  One more picture, then I will close.  Sorry I have been away so long.  Now that I have my new 'puter figured out I won't be gone so long.  I am also trying to come up with something special for a spring giveaway.
cheers ~ pam

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Season is Approaching Quickly, Very Picture Heavy

Hello, everyone!  I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas only a few weeks away.  Time has gotten away from me this year, I mean seriously where did October and half of November go?  Is anyone else in the same boat?
It seems I was glued to the TV for awhile watching the effects of the horrible storm on the east coast and then it was the election.  I pray for all of those affected by the storm.  It breaks my heart to see the devastation in New York and New Jersey.  I hope everyone gets their power back soon.
I wanted to do a quick post to remind everyone of the Log Cabin Christmas at
I have been busy stitching and have a few new things.  I’ve also been working on some huge beeswax orders the past month.  I’ve only made a couple of baskets and that was at the kitchen table.  We had to take our woodstove out of the shop so my dear husband is putting in a gas wall furnace for me and he’s almost finished.  I can then resume working on orders and I thank you all for your patience.   PLRASE click on picytres for a larger and better view.  On my ipad part of the picture is cut off .  Thanks so much.
Just a couple of pictures to share with you, I will be updating my selling blog very soon as well.
1863 christmas
choctaw pouch
dec 25
farmhouse Christmas pinkeep
jolly olde
Covered paper mache box, very distressed, below
joy box
joy broom
7 inch distressed covered box below

merrie merrie close
good will
primitive pure beeswax snowman candle with tea light
snowman candle
yule tide
A gathering of makedo santas.

makedo santas
Awesome beeswax angel with aged paper wings, flax hair and rusty wire hanger
Believe” beeswax cupboard hanger
Pure blackened beeswax belsnickles, these are also available in creamy antique white.
Primitive aged stocking with stitched belsnickle
Perfect sized pinkeep for those trenchers.  This one is in blue and brown.
It seems as though I have gotten carried away with picture sharing.  If you see something that catches your eye, shoot me an email.  Perfect gifts for that prim loving friend or a treat for yourself. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I wish peace, plenty and joy.
fondly ~